"I just wanted to say thank you, Skooperbox! Picking up after my dog was always
disgusting, now it’s easy.”

J. McMahon

“Asking my boys to pick up after our dog was their most hated chore. With
Skooperbox—no more complaints! This is an awesome product. Thanks.”

B. Draperson

“ I Love It! Picking up after my little Yorkie is actually fun! Everything is so neat and
simple. I don’t feel any more embarrassment. I love it so much that I tell every dog
owner about Skooperbox as I walk my Yorkie. I really can enjoy my walk now.”

V. Zarate

“ I must admit, at first I was skeptical about your product. I also wasn’t sure about
spending money on this. Let me tell you, it is worth every penny! It really works. I’m
so glad that I tried it, and now I am hooked.”

H. Yune

“ All I ever used to pick up my dog’s poop were plastic bags. I was so sick of those
darn bags. Every time I picked up my dog’s poop with my hands, I was really
disgusted. I only wish someone came up with this earlier. This is really clean and
sanitary. It’s a must have for every home with a dog.”

F. Perez

“ I enjoy walking my little pair of Maltese beauties. At my age, it is great exercise
for me. The only part I did not enjoy was picking up after my two beauties, but this
really helps. My favorite part is the clip because I always had trouble holding the
bags and the leash with my arthritic hands. I also appreciate that it's friendly to the
environment. You guys are the best!”

D. Fink

“ Finally, something other than plastic bags. I didn’t pick up after my dogs before
and always felt guilty about it. Now there’s no excuse.”

G. Thompson

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