All dog lovers love Skooperbox. It is the ultimate alternative to plastic bags.
Simply pop open the ergonomically designed box, scoop the poop, and toss
the box. Never touch the mess again! It even clips onto your leash to free
your hands.

Environmentally conscientious cities like San Francisco have banned the use
of all plastic bags in grocery stores. TIME magazine declares: “Just say NO
to plastic bags.” The reason is plastic bags take an average of 1,000 years
to degrade in landfills. In contrast, Skooperbox completely breaks down in
days. The future is Skooperbox and the future is here!

We all need to do our part to clean up the earth. Change begins at the
individual level, and Skooperbox is the way that dog lovers can make a real
difference today – one scoop at a time.

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