* For a limited time the leash clip is included with your purchase for free – A $5 value.

  Key features of Skooperbox:
It’s a complete system with the features of a scooper, a container, and a carrier. Your hands will never touch the mess again.
Innovative box design fits well in your hand and scoops effectively.
With the aid of the scraper it’s easy to handle waste of all consistency over variety of surfaces.
Small size makes it ideal for long leisurely walks. Perfect for kids too.
The leash clip even frees up your hands.
Skooperbox is made of 100% recycled material and is completely biodegradable, so you’ll be helping the environment as you do your duty.
It is the smartest and greenest product to handle your pet’s waste. Say good bye squishy grabs and broken bags to ruin your walk. We tackled all your cares so you can just enjoy your walk.
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